Adopt Blended RPO For Ensuring Better Operational Efficiency & Achieving Long-Term Strategic Benefits

The staffing scenario has rapidly evolved with time. Organizations are not only relying on their permanent workers but are also hiring specialized contingent workforce to achieve results. Blended RPO is an integrated recruitment process outsourcing solution that blends two HR functionality – permanent hiring and contingent staffing. In other words, blended RPO creates a total talent acquisition solution that benefits organizations by saving time, resources and cost.

Leveraging our proprietary in-house processes, recruitment intelligence, and best practices, our blended RPO team helps organizations induct proficient permanent resources as well as specialized independent contractors who can contribute immensely. Organizations, instead of partnering with multiple vendors, may embrace blended RPO and get immensely benefited.

Benefits To Organizations Adopting Blended RPO Model

  1. Guarantees optimal output performance and boosts organizational workforce vis-à-vis productivity.
  2. Allows greater flexibility, scalability, and savings.
  3. Ensures greater alignment of workforce planning with overall business strategy.
  4. Ensures single point of accountability instead of a multi-vendor relationship.
  5. Enforces greater level of compliance.
  6. Boosts operational efficiency and clarity of decision making.
  7. Reduces cost-of-hire and time-to-hire immensely.
  8. Frees up internal staff.
  9. Gain access to recruitment intelligence, best practices, and technology.
  10. Ensures better talent management and candidate retention.

What Makes Us Your Perfect RPO Partner?

  • A proven track record of providing end-to-end and scalable regional and nationwide recruitment management services for over ten years.
  • Extensive experience establishing talent acquisition programs across multiple Industries and all levels [Non-Exempt, Exempt, and Leadership].
  • A founding member of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association [RPOA].

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