Project Based RPO Helps Address Short-Term Dynamic Recruitment Needs By Providing Extra Recruitment Bandwidth

There may be situations where there’s an immediate and critical demand for recruiting resources. Generally, these demands are highly time-sensitive, high volume in nature (peak season sourcing) and are for difficult-to-hire positions for projects or products which your internal team may not be able to handle because of a lack of recruitment know-how.

That’s where TalentAssist can help you attain your recruitment demands! We offer customized Project Based Recruitment Process Outsourcing (aka Project RPO) where our highly specialized team of RPO executives acts as an extension of your internal team and cost-effectively meet your recruitment needs in a time-bound manner.


Benefits of Project Based RPO

  • Scalable, cost-efficient and reduces time to hire
  • Eliminates fixed overhead costs and avoids redundant costs
  • Leverages TalentAssist’s proprietary recruitment methodologies and best practices to source the perfect candidate
  • Data-driven approach
  • Raise the benchmark for quality of hire
  • Boost candidate retention
  • Scale up operational efficiency and organizational productivity
  • Taste the waters before embracing full-scale Recruitment Process Outsourcing

What Makes Us Your Perfect RPO Partner?

  • A proven track record of providing end-to-end and scalable regional and nationwide recruitment management services since 1999.
  • Extensive experience establishing talent acquisition programs across multiple Industries and all levels [Non-Exempt, Exempt, and Leadership].
  • Our leadership team is headed by a founding member of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association [RPOA].

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