Get Flexible, Scalable & Cost Effective On Demand RPO Solutions To Save Time, Money & Get Speedy Results

On Demand RPO gives you the flexibility of choosing when and for how long you need the recruitment services depending upon your needs.

Through On Demand Recruitment Process Outsourcing (aka Selective RPO or SRPO), TalentAssist manages select recruiting processes to support your internal efforts, help you compete for top talent, enhance your employer brand, improve candidate flow and reduce costs.

What Makes Us Your Perfect RPO Partner?

  1. A proven track record of providing end-to-end and scalable regional and nationwide recruitment management services since 1999.
  2. Extensive experience establishing talent acquisition programs across multiple Industries and all levels [Non-Exempt, Exempt, and Leadership].
  3. Our leadership team is headed by a founding member of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association [RPOA].

We Follow A More Flexible Recruitment Approach

  1. Access best-in-class recruiting tools on-demand while keeping key functions in-house.
  2. Build and expand your own candidate pipelines, not 3rd party agencies or recruiters.
  3. Shift your transactional recruiting functions from a fixed to variable cost-per-hire.

The TalentAssist Recruiting Model

  1. On demand RPO (or SRPO) – scalable to match your recruiting needs.
  2. Advance your candidate experience with transparency and two-way communication.
  3. Drive HR and recruiting metrics by increasing quality, productivity, and efficiency while lowering recruiting time and costs.

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